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July 05, 2009


The Gambler.

Straus out first ball.

Your views would be appreciated on this post below.

The Gambler.


Scott Ferguson

Good timing for this post. I'm just reading an article called 'Tired of Strategic Planning' for my MBA, and it discusses companies where "the annual strategy review frequently amounts to little more than a stage on which business unit leaders present warmed-over updates of last year's presentations, take few risks in broaching new ideas, and strive above all to avoid embarrassment...'there is a lot of dancing, waving of feathers and beating of drums. No one is sure why we do it, but there is an almost mystical hope that something good will come out of it.'"

Sums up a certain company rather well I thought...

James Tomshay

I agree Betfair is nothing special, and they have let success blind them to many faults in their overall service. Their downfall is just a new, better site around the corner. It could pop up at any given second given the unpredictability of the internet.

Keith - Racing Systems

I think one of the things that took Betfair by surprise is the way traders have ended up interacting with the service.

In the early years it was trading that kept making the system crash. This has now been rectified, and now it is only updates that crash it! :0)

Most of the turnover is from trading, but this actually brings in little revenue for Betfair, hence the Premium charge. This charge is also aimed at those who profit from betting bots, although it does catch the odd professional gambler out.

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